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Basilisk and Robonomics Crosssss-Chain Integration
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Our warmest greetingsssss to the Basilisk community! On behalf of Robonomics I propose to initiate the integration between the Robonomics and Basilisk parachains. In particular, we propose to open a bi-directional HRMP channel and add the XRT token to the Basilisk Snek Swap DApp.

About Robonomicssssss

Robonomics is a secure, serverless and futuristic IoT platform that connects users and smart devices. It enables the exchange of technical and economic information in the form of atomic transactions between user applications, IoT services, and complex robotics.

Robonomics is aimed at:

  • Serverless IoT applications for users for their privacy
  • Control of smart devices with a decentralized cloud for security and global availability
  • Performing technical and economic transactions between people and machines for service efficiency

Read more about Robonomics:

Robonomics use cases of ours and our partners:

  • Sovereign Smart Home: Make your smart home completely private and independent, using your own server with the ability to securely remote control your devices with Robonomics.
  • Feecc: the system that allows enterprises to build and customize their own quality control systems for products or services to suit their needs. It enables auditing the employees' access to the workplace and mining all data about work processes.
  • MerkleBot: Robots-as-a-Service platform that builds software for enterprises to make the process of financing, deploying and monitoring industrial robotics easier, which enables the smart leasing of industrial robots.
  • Robonomics Sensors Network: a civilian air quality monitoring network where anyone can deploy their own sensors and set it up in their home.

Why Basilisssssk?

Basilisk is a decentralized protocol with a community-first approach. All decisions affecting the protocol are adopted using democratic (and on-chain) processes. The permissionless and decentralized nature of the Basilisk protocol makes it an ideal match for Robonomics.

Robonomics XRT will be tradeable using the Snek Swap (XYK) pool Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, which will allow anyone to trade XRT tokens in a permissionless manner. This will significantly increase the ability for the Robonomics community to acquire parachain native XRT tokens and allow them to be able to initiate transactions on the Robonomics parachain.

Tokenomics of Robonomics

Our token exists on the Ethereum and Kusama networks and distributed in this way:

  • Total Supply (Ethereum + Kusama): 9,905,839.99, 100.00%
  • Circulation (Ethereum + Kusama): 1,302,823.34, 13.15%
  • Locked on Dutch auction contract (will be burn in 2023 due community decision): 7,000,000.00, 70.67%
  • Treasury of core dev DAO: 841,600.34, 8.50%
  • Parachain Treasury: 369,790.08, 3.73%
  • Parachain vesting: 93,712.77, 0.95%
  • Parachain Democracy: 29,346.63, 0.30%

Inflation Rate is -1.99% (due to the burning of the Treasury)

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As someone who loves both Robonomics and Basilisk, I fully support this integration, and only see it as a win-win for both projects (will somewhat largely repeat what was said in the post).

From the Robonomics side it allows parachain XRT tokens to be traded in a permissionless and decentralized nature, which is vital to allow new users to enter the Robonomics ecosystem without having to go through Kraken, this is very much needed.

From the Basilisk side, adding more token pairs will help to make Basilisk a hub for Kusama ecosystem participants to go to in order to trade into their desired tokens.

This has my full support.

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I see no reason to deny this integration, let's add more interesting projects to snek

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Absolutely support this - Robonomics is an OG project and their values match many of our own!

Selfishly from a Basilisk POV, more token pairs on Snek Swap can only be useful to Basilisk achieving PMF - let's do this!

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I see it as benefiting these two great projects. Another pool is a good news.

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Go ahead