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Proposal for RPC Services to Basilisk Mainnet

20th March 2023




UnitedBloc is made up of 13 members from the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem. Every member provides top-quality services to the numerous communities in which we operate. Our members are involved in over 75 blockchains, with hands-on experience supporting Kusama, Polkadot, and parachains.

We are proposing to provide RPC services for the Basilisk parachain on the Kusama relay chain. Our services will include 2 RPC nodes with one in Asia and a second in Europe, a 24x7 monitoring dashboard, and centralized collator logs. Our bare-metal server setup provides improved performance, consistency, and value compared to virtual servers or other delivery methods, and combined with experience and knowledge in business and technology, we are the perfect match to support the Basilisk network.

UnitedBloc Members are:

Blockshard 🇨🇭
BloClick 🇪🇸
BrightlyStake 🇮🇳
CertHum 🇺🇸
GPValidator 🇵🇹
Hetavalidation 🇦🇺
Legend 🇦🇪
PathrockNetwork 🇩🇪
Polkadotters 🇨🇿
SIK | crifferent.de 🇩🇪
StakeBaby 🇬🇷
StakeSquid 🇬🇪
TrueStaking 🇺🇸

Proposal Details:

UnitedBloc is pleased to provide RPC and collator services for Basilisk in the following configuration:

Equipment: Bare Metal Servers

Location: Europe & Asia (1 node on each continent)


-          2 x archive RPC nodes in diverse data centers and countries

o   Supporting approx. up to 1 million calls per day

o   Supporting approx. up to 1 TB data transfer per month

-          Dedicated HTTPS and WSS URL

Service Delivery & Support:

-          14-day handover from agreement

-          Dedicated Grafana self-service dashboard providing:

o   Node Health




        Chain Height

o   RPC Data

        HTTPS Requests

        WebSocket Requests

        Local Node Response Time

o   Collator Data

        # of peers

        # transactions

        Block time

o   Up to 2 additional panels will be provided at request

o   Access to Grafana dashboards will be provided via dedicated URL.

-          24x7 alerting and notifications via Discord and/or Telegram

o   Summary problem management process:

        Alert received

        Validated by UnitedBloc

        If false alarm

      Investigate cause and adjust alerting as required

        If valid

      Alert Basilisk Dedicated Discord Channel

      Investigate cause

      Update Discord every hour or more as details are uncovered and when remedy is identified

      Notify of resolution and complete root cause analysis report

-          99.9% or better target availability of all services

-          Access to domain experts in numerous technology domains

Pricing Table:


Unit Price


Monthly Charge

Basilisk Archive RPC Europe




Basilisk Archive RPC APAC




Total Monthly




3 Month Term





Assumptions and Caveats:

  1. Term Commencement: 14 days of agreement between UnitedBloc and Basilisk network.
  2. Tip payment proposals must be approved and disbursed to UnitedBloc within seven days after 90 days from the handover of service to avoid any service disruptions.
  3. Penalties/Slashing: UnitedBloc agrees to penalties in the event of failure to maintain a 99.9% availability or other agreed measure of failure to perform, proportional to the level of performance failure, and not exceeding 50% of the monthly or full-term charge.
  4. Bedding in Period: The first month of service will be considered a "bedding in" period where adjustments may be made, and the load will be monitored. Data on usage will be available to the Basilisk teams via the Grafana portal.
  5. Rate Limiting: Services are rate limited to prevent DoS/DDoS attacks. End users of the services with heavy load requirements can be directed by Basilisk to UnitedBloc's dedicated RPC service. This ensures that the service is available to all Basilisk users, and no one greedy dApp can take down the service for other consumers.
  6. Right to Move Services: At any time during the delivery of services, UnitedBloc may move or the Basilisk council can request to move the location of services to better support Basilisk parachain. Any changes will be reviewed beforehand with Basilisk teams for approval.
  7. UnitedBloc may change the monitoring and logs collector technologies as determined at the sole discretion of UnitedBloc. All changes will be reviewed with parachain teams with the option to maintain existing setup until the end of service term.
  8. Deployments outside of North America and Europe subject to additional charges.
  9. This proposal is for deployment in Europe and Asia and users accessing RPC services outside of Europe and Asia may experience degraded performance due to latency.
  10. In the event of node failure, services will roll over to the other geo-location, which may result in increased latency and degradation of service until such time full service is restored.
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To make clear on the above proposal, the collator logs and collator data will not be included because we are only proposing to provide the stated RPC services. Thanks!